How to connect your Unbounce website to Shotcut Track

Created on 22 December, 2023Add Shotcut Track • 1 minutes read

Shotcut Track is a powerful website analytics tool that helps businesses understand how visitors interact with their site. Features like session replays, heatmaps, and goal tracking empower users to optimize their online strategies for better performance.

Let's see How to install Shotcut Track on your website.

Step 1 Make an account on Shotcut Track.

Step 2 Go to the Add Sites page.

Step 3 Click on Install tracking code for the Site you want to track. Click on Add Website.

Step 4 Select the level of analytics you want and regarding configuration.

Step 5 Copy the pixel code.

Step 6 Login to Unbounce and select the Settings section in the navigation sidebar, then click Script Manager.

Step 7 Click Add a Script.

Step 8 From the What would you like to add? prompt, select Custom Script.

Step 9 Enter a Script Name, such as Hotjar Tracking Code, then click Add Script Details.

Step 10 Update the Script Details section with the settings below.

  1. Next to Placement, select Head
  2. Next to Included on, select All pages
  3. Paste the tracking code you copied from Shotcut Track into the text field

Step 11 Click Save to confirm the tracking code installation.

Step 12 Come again to the Sites page click on the "</>" and click on the "Verify Installation" then click the "Verify" button.

Step 13 When you click the button a pop-up will open with an alert box message"The Pixel Code has been installed properly."

*If you didn't see this message that means the website is not connected try again. Make sure that the code is put in the right place. If you need any help contact